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What if I told you you can have it all? What if I told you that you already possess the one thing to make all your dreams come true, as well as attain self-fulfillment, happiness, longevity and an ability to reach your absolute full potential? What is this one thing? Can you get it using Afterpay or monthly installments of $27.99 until you forget you’ve signed up? No. You can’t.  

You can do some inner work and find this ‘thing’ all on your own! What IS it? 




Let me iterate here that I’m not talking about positional power often found in the corporate world, because let’s face it, I hate that culture. And yes- ‘hate’ IS a strong word. It vexes me to think about authority, dominion, prestige and one person dominating another simply to climb the ladder of suit wearers. 

I’m talking about PERSONAL power. You know- the good stuff. One’s ability to see their own potential and capabilities and use these for good not evil. Our attitude and state of mind is where the power lies- rather than the attempt to control or maneuver others.  

We ALL have power. The trick we must figure out is how to connect to it and own it. We need to practice being friends with it and holding on to it in times of trial. Because like an Oodie on a wintery day, our power can comfort us and give us hope when it feels like there is none. And some days are like that aren’t they?  

Consequently how do we connect to our own power? I suggest a self propelled inner culture including the following : 

(and you don’t need to wear a suit). 


Take responsibility for your feelings and what you do with them.  

Yes- put your big girl pants on and accept that how you respond to the things that shit you are YOUR responsibility. Learn that other people’s emotions aren’t there to dictate your behaviour. By all means, sit with your feelings for just a little while but send them on their way after they’ve stolen enough of your shine. 


Instead of complaining be proactive and solve the problem. 

And if you can’t solve the problem? Distract, duck and roll out of that energy sapping vent fest you’re having with your besties. While a little vent with your mates can be therapeutic, a great release and inciteful, to dwell on whatever you’re complaining about is handing your power over on a silver platter to the gods who really couldn’t give two hoots! 


Make more time to think about things that matter.  

I realise this is coming from one of the world’s greatest over thinkers but I still believe it true. Instead of thinking regretfully and creating the ‘what ifs’, use that thinking time for gratefulness and lessons learnt.  


Practice a kind inner dialogue. 

You want personal power? Take those little girl ‘victim pants’ off and be aware of all the great things you’ve done, achieved and stood strong with. Some circumstances are unfortunate, sad, rage inducing and or despairing. But you’ve got through the crap days and you’ve made it this far. Congratulate yourself for making it. And while you’re there- pep up those around you.  


Listen to opinions but don’t let them cloud your self-worth. 

Again- from a world champion at people pleasing I still believe this one-and am working on it. Open your mind to others’ points of view- you might learn something. But if it rubs you up the wrong way or taunts your intuition, send that opinion on it’s merry way and regard your self worth with the strength of character it deserves. In the same vein, track your values. We sometimes get swayed by other’s ideas. Particularly if they’re ‘salesy’ and passionate. Or in a low moment we might believe the socials. Revisit your values if you need to. Let them stay for a cuppa! Reframe your perspective whenever you need to.  


Learn to be comfortable in standing out from the crowd. 

Because the world would be boring wouldn’t it? If we were all the same. If we all thought the same way, believed the same things and followed the same influencers. Wait….what?! 

Fear and self-doubt can obstruct your inner power. Numb it down so it doesn’t get heard. Once again, pull those big girl britches up and have faith that YOU can make a difference- to one or to many. You have gifts and skills no one else has. No matter if it’s knitting jumpers for orphaned kittens or inspiring our teens to make better choices. Take off the sheeple mask and do ‘you’. Authenticity is so darned attractive.  


I’m in my forties now and yet I’m STILL getting to really know who I am. And I’m sure this process will forever continue -which really excites me. The more I delve into what makes me tick and what brings me joy, the more powerful I feel. Not in a negative way but from a place of strength and optimism. Particularly when I’m wrapped in solitude, I check in with my values (kindness to all, open mindedness and strength at forging my own path for my own journey). I urge you to make room for solitude so you can do the same. Social media, screens, marketers not included. I also take time to re-centre and practice gratitude for the skills and braun unique to me.  

And with this power? I will use it only for good. 

Where will YOUR power lead you? 


E x 





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