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“Friends are those rare people who ask how we are and then wait to hear the answer.”  

-Ed Cunningham


We’ve all had precious time to think lately haven’t we? Like, REALLY think!

I’m sure we’ve all heard enough of the difficult and testing things people have had to deal with during quarantine. Like all the celebrities who have struggled from their mansions to earn a million or those non-essential ‘normal’ people who have a roof over their head, fresh food delivered, plenty of Netflix, nap times and no illness, deaths or war in the family.


I, for one, have actually really enjoyed having extra space in my head to ponder over what really matters to me and WHO I need in my life. Without the distractions of the rat race I’ve discovered who means something important to me, who encourages and accepts me and who doesn’t!



So I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you. My appreciation extends way beyond this piddly little blog post but for now while we can’t socialise let’s think of it as a scribble on a ‘post-it’ note. Something to acknowledge and celebrate later when the world reopens! Here are the groups of people in my life who I would like to honour .


Of course My Family.


We’ve been stuck with each other haven’t we? They say you can’t choose your family but if I could choose, it would still be you lot! We’ve played board games, done jigsaws, watched movies, cooked and hung out to discuss the meaning of life- or at least what the triplets want as their first car ( I DID walk out on that conversation though….it went ON).

From the Iced Magic to the painting of the back verandah, I love you.


My ‘Paris girls’.


Yes, my three travelling companions who, if it wasn’t for this global pandemic, I would now be on the Amalfi Coast with nearing the end of our trip. We had planned it and saved for it for three years. We are now in our respective houses and keeping touch via Zoom, with a drink in our hand and talk of ‘one day…’. 

Thank you girls for being there for me. I look forward to sharing the bottle of 1975 Dom with you in lieu of our trip.


My Friends from the Social Days.


Back when it was globally acceptable to drink in pubs, have coffee with friends in public and congregate in groups of unrelated numbers beyond two, I had lots of people to share my life with. We would swap stories, swap children during transportation schedules, and swap paying for rounds at the bar!

From the sports grounds, soccer pitches, and rowing to the backyard barbies, fundraising events and school carparks, I miss you all. I realise now that sports and spectating mean so much to my life and that feeling welcome in friends’ homes are such a necessary part of my pleasure and events to look forward to. I may whinge and moan at the time if I’m trying to be in three or four venues at once but without it all now there IS a big gap. 

I thank you all for your company, your conversation, your coffees, champagnes and photos of the ‘new’ baby. I can’t wait to meet her!


My Clients.


My precious, precious clients! I’ve said it before but I really do think of you all as friends- people I could rely on if I needed help, people whose company I enjoy and people I subtly like to boss around to get their best results during time training!

I appreciate your patience at my inept abilities to work with technology while I set up online training and your willingness to adapt. I’ve loved meeting in the park to train in my three layers of clothing,  with a flat UE boom and kicking the footy -as a training exercise. The dog has loved it too. 

For those who attempted (and completed) the online workouts- you’re an inspiration! To be motivated enough to carry through is amazing. I have, however, decided that being an online trainer is NOT for me. Tried, persisted, didn’t feel personal, getting rid of it. 

And the groups! OH the groups! How I miss all of you! 

I don’t know how I solved ANY of the world’s problems without you! I recognise how important it is to debrief each week, listen to each other and throw in a bit of exercise all at the same time- to 80s music ! May your squats still be low and your teeth unclenched!

To the clients who have delivered toilet paper, hand sanitiser, chocolates and alco wipes I thank you. All essentials. All necessary. All greatly appreciated. I remember the days when some of you would bring fresh eggs, gin or candles as kind gestures! Crazy times.

Thank you. And I look forward to saying ‘you’re nearly there’ and ‘you’re welcome’ very soon!! 


My Social Media Friends


Yeah, yeah- they’re not REAL friends. I’ve heard it. But do you know what? I think SOME of them ARE!!

Truth be told- many if not MOST of my followers on Insta, FB and LinkedIn don’t know me from a bar of soap let alone know what lights my soul or excites me enough to happy clap. But some followers I would genuinely call ‘friend’. They check in on me, support me and my often crazy and tangential posts and they have an interest in what goes on around and within me. 

They send me messages and stickers and emojis and it’s all really cute and funny. 

So thank you to followers old and new! In a self isolating world your little messages mean a lot and help me with a feeling of connection.

I look forward to one day having a blue tick. Ha! I don’t really…..


My Horse Friends


Yep it sounds kinda weird doesn’t it? Big Desi is NOT missing out on seeing me during quarantine but I still greatly appreciate and value the company I’ve gained through having him. Whether it’s putting his rug on, sending me a video while the dentist is with him or answering a query I had on Insta- thank you.


My Blogging Friends


What a great outlet during times of ‘don’t go there’ and ‘don’t touch that’. Without as many personal training clients, I’ve had more time to crank up the blogging- although jigsaws and counting odd socks CAN get in the way. Bit by bit my audience is growing though so it excites me enough to happy clap! 

Thank you for visiting and for staying. Please keep in touch!


So there you have it! The people who really count. The people in my life I’ve missed and the people I can’t wait to see again. Hugging will be optional. If you know me well, you know what that means! 

Stay safe, enjoy the weekend ( I heard we’re near another one.)

E x

PS- Feel free to leave a comment so we feel connected! 

PPS- YOU know who you are…..





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