I just dropped one of my triplets off to the movies on this crazy hail ridden Friday night. While my people-watching-every-detail-noticing skills kicked in, guess what I noticed?


You’ll never guess.


Or maybe you will?


If you have a young man in your life, he may have one already. He may think ‘he cool’. 




Many, many mullets man.


I will admit, I’m now going to sound completely judgy, opinionated and Karen personified. But I’m not too fussed. 


The mullet will NEVER look good to me. NNNNEVVVA! 


(An addendum here. IF you are Ragnar Lothbrok, able to yield a sword, fight battles on beautiful horses, woo me with your eyes AND lay the foundations for a future empire where the Gods all have cool names- you are allowed to have a mullet. This is the ONLY exception.)


I can’t think of anyone who has rocked a mullet. Not in the 80s, not in the 90s and Hella no way now. 


Is it not cruel enough we have had a year of global pandemic, Trump being, well, Trump, climate change caused bushfires, protests, riots and a general shit show of time standing still yet disappearing in front of our eyes? We do NOT need the mullet to return to the fore!


While the short at the front, long at the back and what ever happens around the ears hairstyle has a long standing history and has been coiffed by famous folk like the Billy Ray, Andre Agassi, Patrick Swayze (who wasn’t far off Ragnar), the


Beatles and Mel Gibson, I feel no need for ‘what goes around comes around’ here


Am I right? Or at least in the vicinity of right?


Actually- call me Karen, I don’t care.


In the 1910s, the term ‘mullet head’ had been used to describe a person ‘of dubious intelligence’. Not exactly a badge to wear proudly and upkeep every two weeks is it? Terms of disparagement then extended to a mullet head describing a ‘stupid person’ or a ‘know-nothing’.


I jump now to AFL. ( Was that a leap I took too quickly??)


Gary Ayres, Steve Kerhahan, Dermott Brereton and Tony Lockett were awesome, awesome players weren’t they? But please, let’s leave them there, in the 80s, where they shone. Where the stone washed, denim jeans and black ripples completed the ‘bogan’ look from head to toe. 

Where is the jump? 


Where did boys and men of today suddenly say “ my beard is aplenty now, so I might shave that baby off  and grow a mullet instead”? Was there an instigator? Fill me in here because I don’t understand. Was it a Covid thing? We can seem to blame most things on coronavirus, so perhaps mullets are part of that fall out?


I’ve tried, I really have, to embrace (actually no, not that extreme), to ACCEPT the rehashed trend of short top, long back and whatever the Hell the sides do but it simply makes me feel uncomfortable. To the extreme. 


Glad to say my son rolls his eyes and shakes his head at the sight of a mullet ( like his mum maybe?) and my triplet girls aren’t thrilled either. 


So again, I say ‘NO’. No to the mullet. Let’s please not go there again. Once is enough. 


Bring back the man bun any day! Or Ragnar…. 

E x

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