Every week I hear it.
“I’m not losing any weight!”.
“The scales aren’t moving”.
…..and as a trainer- I’m sick of it!
While I always say ‘don’t go by the scales’ and ‘go by your clothes’ or ‘have you ever had a body composition scan?’ -here is my PROOF!
Here is the proof that those numbers, no matter where in the bathroom you put the scales, don’t mean much when you want accuracy for where your training and nutrition is taking you.
in my opinion there is no better tool for seeing your body composition and how it changes over time. Scales are inaccurate, and don’t get me started on user dependent calipers which grip a flimsy morcel of your skin and then somehow magically tell you how much fat is on the inside!
“The DEXA (duel-energy X-ray absorptiometry) scan provides one of the most highly accurate measurements of body composition available, registering fat and lean mass distribution throughout the entire body. In simple terms, it is capable of detailing overall, as well as regional, fat mass, lean mass, and bone mass” – all for the relatively inexpensive price of around $89 at http://www.bodycomp.soundradiology.com.au/dexa here in Adelaide.
I’m not too good at blowing my own trumpet- but I’m actually going to blow my own trumpet!

The lean muscle has increased (the pink line on the graph) and the fat has decreased (the blue line).

To save you squinting at my results, I’ll explain them simply.
My first scan was May 2014.
I weighed 57.7kg and my fat mass index was 23.5. This put me in the upper normal range (not far off the ‘excess fat’ ,yellow range on the scale). My xray image had a fair distribution of visceral fat (around and in between organs) shown in yellow/green. 
I have had subsequent scans and over the three years of consistent training and balanced nutrition, my numbers have changed.

Whole body fat percentage. 2017–>2014

Last week’s scan was March 2017.
I have put on 1.5kgs. Shock horror!!!! Until you look at the numbers.
Since that first scan I have put on 8kgs of lean muscle. (Muscle weight can not be found with calipers…) and I have LOST 7kgs of fat. I now can’t see any fat in yellow/green on the resulting xray image. The dangerous internal fat is gone. 
Five months ago my whole body fat percentage was 23.5% but after some more intensive strength (and cardio) training I have decreased my fat percentage again. Thanks to Raf for your help.
Again, a great tool for motivational purposes and to keep you focussed, believing in yourself (and your trainer) and healthy.
DEXA scans are keeping things real.
As they break the body down into a sum of its tissues, bone, lean muscle, water, blood, fat and air can all be measured accurately.
Health risks such as diabetes and heart disease can be predicted and managed before it’s too late.
So PLEASE step up and be accountable for your body. Get a scan today and throw the scales away-wherever they sit on the floor!
Many thanks to Ben and Sally at Sound Radiology Adelaide http://www.bodycomp.soundradiology.com.au/dexa   and Raf-my trainer. (May your challenges forever lower my fat percentage…)
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