The pandemic has taught me there are two types of people in the world. Let me explain.

(Yep. Call me judgy and uncouth but I figure that within these two groups other personality traits and attributes reside naturally.)

The FIRST GROUP of people in this pandemic world is the CONSIDERATE. 

They are kind, gracious, thoughtful, loving and humanitarian. They stay at home to save lives. Not only their own or their family’s but also those who they see walking past every day, those they buy their coffee from, those they work with and those they don’t even know. Their hearts are warm and open to other humans.

The CONSIDERATE group realises that we are ALL connected. We are connected to humanity and we are responsible for its survival and safety. Lives matter to them and their current freedom comprises working at home, holidaying between the living room and backyard, cooking and preparing snacks for family many, many, many times a day and feeling sorry for the dog who gets walked a LOT.

Government restrictions may anger and frustrate them but they conform because they have the integrity to play their part. They can fall in to any age group, can hold any non-essential job (or not) and can live anywhere in the world.

The CONSIDERATES also realise that while they are ‘doing it tough’ at home with their lax in work attire (or at least trackies, shirt and tie), Netflix binges, dismissal of time restraints for happy hour and dwindling toilet paper supplies that there are billions of people who ACTUALLY ‘do it tough’ every day. EV-E-RY day! 

There are populations living in poverty, hunger, danger and true misery as their only normal. They understand that their priority shift is all for the good. For the good of their family, the good of their mental awareness and the good of the Earth while She rests.

I must also say that the CONSIDERATES are still allowed to feel. They are still granted the right to be frustrated, scared of uncertainty, worried about losing loved ones, angry at their government, overwhelmed with-well, everything and exhausted for living through a global pandemic. 

The underlying fact here is that the CONSIDERATE still do the right thing. 

They know that living a slight doomsdayer way of life will lead to a swifter survival and a sooner release from captivity so that they can say hi to that passerby, grab a coffee, get their nails done and start verbally abusing their personal trainer again. They may be struggling to make ends meet, feed the family and get the bills paid. They may be dealing with mental and emotional shit that weighs them down. But they know they’re doing the right thing for the world and their loved ones.

With some time home to reabsorb family values and deep dive into knowing oneself again and to take time to rest, these people will come out the other end with a new understanding of what matters to them.

The CONSIDERATE have risen to shine during this pandemic. Their kindness abounds with acts from small to massive. Cherry pickers used to help oldies connect through nursing home windows, clapping in the streets as the health care workers return home from Hell and companies manufacturing PPE while governments were too slow to react and Andrea Bocelli singing to the world.

Many can be seen on Good News Movement 


The CONSIDERATES are full of social awareness. They offer to food shop for an elderly neighbour or feed their friend’s dog while its owner is in hospital. They keep their social distance and they download Zoom though it just doesn’t feel the same.

Examples of these fantastic people include, gladly, ALL of my friends (call me selective), anyone who did NOT go to Bondi Beach 20th March, my personal trainer, Jacinda Ardern and my nail salon owners George and Layell 


The CONSIDERATE group understand how precious life is. They realise the power of a virus and its ability to strike at anyone. They don’t blame they just get on with self isolation, social distancing and allowing feelings to come and go. It’s not always pleasant and it’s scary and uncertain but they do the right thing.

I salute the CONSIDERATE. I thank you for your patience, your kindness and your strength in such an unknown and ongoing situation. Because my opinion counts.

The SECOND GROUP of people in this pandemic world is the STUPID.

They are naive, senseless, shortsighted and socially unaware. They think only of themselves, believe in invincibility are ignorant of the need for restrictions, selfish enough to defy social distancing and probably watched Tiger King on Netflix all the way through- twice. 

The STUPID group believes the virus is hype. They believe it is just like a cold or flu and that they will survive. They do not believe or realise the virus attaches to the respiratory system and causes its host to drown in their own alveolar fluid (pneumonia), die of sepsis or as a result of a severe immune response resulting in massive inflammation and complete organ failure. 

The STUPID group wants their money back. Literally. They want to keep working at capacity to make some coin to buy flashy cars and plug it all on Insta. They want to keep the show going for the world to see. They can still fall in to any age group (although anyone under 12 might be pushing to get into this group), they can work anywhere (except as a health care worker, school staff, cleaning staff, the forces or aged care staff) and they can live anywhere in the world (although rumour has it there are clusters in the southern states of the United States).

The STUPIDS are naive. They think we will all be OK. We won’t. Normal will not be the same again after this pandemic. They do not consider their knock on effect of failing to conform to restrictions and the impact this will have on loved ones, those who make their coffee or the ability to even BUY that flashy car in the near future. 

The STUPIDS believe in their freedom and that their government has no right to take that away from them. They want to walk the streets, carry on like they did, go to Bondi, walk the wrong way in the supermarket, arm themselves and be vocal about it. (Rumour has it there are clusters in the southern states of the United States).

The STUPID group does not believe in connection- to each other nor Mother Nature. They are blind to seeing the great things happening as a result of this pandemic. They don’t see the canals in Venice clearing, the horizon clear in big cities or the drop in carbon emissions. They don’t realise that this could be the beginning of restoring Earth to its sustainably natural state. If we keep going.


There is a huge lack of trust in the STUPID group. Lack of trusting the process laid out by the experts. Lack of trusting that we are all responsible for the outcome and repercussions of the pandemic. 

The STUPIDS also complain a lot. A. LOT.

They whinge about being isolated in a five star hotel after getting off a cruise ship and they wine about being stuck at home in a mansion and they’re pissed off they can’t go TO the shops to buy a flashy car, they have to do it online. They complain that the experts don’t know what they’re doing and they fail to admit they did not prepare in time. They also wear PPE but protest that it’s all a lie! Stupid. 526452-tn-dpt-me-hb-rally-20200416-1.jpg

                                                                                  (image compliments Kevin Chang)

I must say again, even if you fit into the STUPID group you are still allowed to feel too. You’re allowed to feel angry, frustrated, scared and impatient. You’re also allowed to be naive, socially unaware, dumb, selfish and greedy. Perhaps you were just born that way? But I would call ‘bullshit’. 

To all the STUPIDS out there I’d like to say……..well nothing really. Whatever I said would fall on stupid ears and get washed down with a quick nip of disinfectant! Good luck with that. 

E x

PS- what have you learnt from the pandemic?

PPS- if you’d like any of your friends to read this please pass it on and get them to keep in touch via email. I won’t spam!

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