Shane Haron

“I feel like I’m doing something good for the world and leaving it a better place for having me here.”

Shane Haron thought he was having a heart attack. Suffering with a sudden onset of tachycardia (a dangerously rapid heart beat), an intensely tight chest and struggling to breathe, his partner drove him to A&E (accident and emergency) at the nearest hospital.

Expecting the ‘usual’ wait he was surprised to be rushed straight through for medical treatment and tests.

Nothing in particular had brought the incident on. He was a young, fit personal trainer who ran his own business. He was a fitness model and won competitions. Life was good.

The stress of self employment had become ‘normal’ in his day to day and while he knew something ‘wasn’t right’ he didn’t want to make a fuss. No need to worry. He was ‘just fine’.

All tests performed in the hospital came back within normal limits. Doctors informed Shane that he had anxiety and had suffered a panic attack.

“Anxiety” is a word I believe gets thrown around these days without the true understanding or meaning of the word being explained. People use it too often in the same vein as ‘nervous’ or ‘ a bit scared or apprehensive’ as though it is a common and easily manageable condition.

Sadly it IS increasingly more common but I feel it is substantially more serious than society has us believe.

According to Beyond Blue here in Australia “anxiety is more than just feeling stressed or worried.”.

The condition can fall into various categories including GAD (generalised anxiety disorder), social anxiety, specific phobias and panic disorder. Most people who have panic attacks can seem quite stoic on the outside when alarm bells are ringing within.

Back to Shane- he was discharged and sent home. With time his body calmed. This then turned into depression, apathy, lack of energy to even get out of bed and subsequent antidepressant medication.

Family history led him to have little belief in getting ‘fixed’.

Shane’s character is one of self motivated responsibility and solving his own problems.

This lead to reading numerous books on anxiety- some helpful, many confusing and some contradicting. After some research, and with the desire to learn, he began learning hypnotherapy.

Unfortunately his money was wasted on the first ‘dud’ course but after more research, more learning and more experience he noticed a change in his levels of anxiety. He was improving. He was noticing the evolution of his personal triggers and patterns and in turn how to regulate his own nervous system.

Shane said “it took a lot of pride swallowing to recognise my truth and work though my own wounds.”

He took a deep dive into unhealed traumas of his childhood, learnt body based techniques, and through his own research and experiences developed a programme to help others from “bottom up” (survival brain to the emotional brain) as opposed to most conventional “top down” therapies (cognitive/talk therapies).

Through his love for self development, former rescuer experience and desire to help others Shane now helps clients with conditions such as chronic pain, phobias, weight loss, addictions, anxiety and trauma.

Shane is a trauma and anxiety specialist based in the UK.

He also works with clients worldwide via video chat. His techniques work on a non conscious level through the senses and body.

He explains “the problem isn’t in our thoughts, it’s how we feel in response to the thoughts. My goal when working with a client is to empower them with the skills and tools needed to be able to heal themselves and we work together as a team.”

Shane guides his clients step by step through the process to heal any unhealed wounds and to regulate their own emotions in caring for themselves.

The path to his success has had its challenges. Being self employed is a daily battle, and one sometimes shrouded in doubt and uncertainty. But Shane confesses he is stubborn!

“I know this mission is bigger than myself. I don’t like giving up because I have a belief that there is ALWAYS an answer. I can’t have been the only person on this planet to go through my experience so being adaptable and a growth mindset is key.”

Currently, aside from his one on one work with clients, Shane is creating an online course for people to follow with personal guidance from him. Essentially he will help them become mentally resilient and strong enough to do the deeper work.

Learning through all of his clients, Shane is an expert at noticing patterns. This allow him to learn at s fast pace. His online system is based on the success of his clients.

His method of healing is about creating a sense of responsibility within the client so that they become a healer themselves.

“The more that concept and message spreads the better this world will be instead of everyone taking responsibility for everyone else.”

Shane’s dream is to build a team of coaches trained by him and armed with his knowledge and experience- to help as many people as possible.

Specsavers winner, loves pizza, loves dogs.

We need more like Shane.

When I asked Shane for any other interesting information, he told me he was the Specsaver winner of 2018 and had won fitness model competitions.

Fantastic Shane!

However, I truly believe the work you are doing in the mental health sector, the vulnerability you have so openly shared, your care and love for this world and the humans in it far outrank a fitness model who wears glasses!

I love that you have acquired knowledge on how to heal both yourself AND others through determination, a never ending desire to learn and educate and the belief that everyone matters.

Thank you so much for your time and honesty.

The world needs more heroes like you!

E x

If you would like to contact Shane he can be found at

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