Apologies in the delay of this blog. I wrote most of it last week but never finished it due to two school camps, work, sports, feeding joeys, cleaning house….you know- the usual. But here it is…..

We made it! Week one of a new school year.

The triplets are now in year 9 and the boy in year 8.

Granted- there were only 3 days to that first week but I’ll take it as a victory nonetheless. And you can take THAT to the bank! In fact you can take ME to the bank ‘cos by the end of school holidays over Christmas and summer God knows I need the coin. Right?

Promises of ‘doing some jobs’, IOUs and ‘just this time’ emptied my purse, my petrol tank and dreams of time to myself.

Having said that, we had gorgeous times throughout the holidays. One triplet became a surfer chick, one became an even more dedicated rower and one consolidated friendships through TikTok- however that works.

The boy explained that when he turns 13 he can win money from playing Fortnite. As I looked at my empty purse I accepted the notion and even encouraged it. Intense soccer training will begin soon enough.

SO, the first week of school as always has its hiccups and dinner table conversations to boot. Never a dull moment.

Two triplets are pissed that they have half their classes together. Not only do they have to live together but now they have to be in the same classroom! My heart bleeds (or whatever). I think they’re out to get each other in trouble.

The other triplet was issued a detention carried over from last year for associating with girls who were swearing at lunch time. Bit fucking ridiculous if you ask me….

The boy was ecstatic that his new mentor (home group teacher) is fresh out of uni so the class can ‘train her’. Poor lass. I hope she gets paid well for all the stink and mischief of teenage boys.

The school car parks, as ALWAYS on day one were absolutely ridiculous. In my next life I hope to be a car park supervisor . My high viz vest will give me licence to move cars along while they wait for their cherub to try and reach the automatic boot closing button, wave drivers on who can’t read ‘kiss and drop’ signs and put an end to obliviousness behind the wheel.

Sports team trials took place and where it would be reeeely convenient to have the triplets playing the same sports, the Gods have different ideas. Two playing touch football, for both a school team AND club, and doing yoga. One rowing, doing fitness for rowing and rowing. Did I say rowing?

The boy is playing school tennis and OF COURSE playing soccer for Adelaide City.

So, each week, in between my swigs of alcohol and popping Valium, I have to put on the Uber mum hat (not in the ‘cool’ Uber way, but the big van way) and transport them to two touch practices and two touch games, three rowing practices and a rowing regatta, two tennis practices and a game, three soccer practices and a soccer game.


To be honest though, I wouldn’t have it any other way. They’re fit, healthy and off their screens for sports. Just some days I’d like to visit my desert island I fantasise about where there’s nothing but the sound of waves, calorie free chocolate, free flowing gin and tonics and a book being narrated by Matthew McConaughey (in person).

They’re lucky kids. Without question. And one day I hope they realise it. For all the sacrifices, the petrol, the money and the frustrations, they have absolutely the best foundation for an adult life full of promise and the ability to choose their own path with the tools they need, heads held high.

So, to ALL the school mums out there I say WELL BLOODY DONE! You ROCK!

We made it through another LONG break wearing our many hats.

It’s time to get our routine back. It might be cleaning, working, washing the 2K worth of uniforms, transporting tired, emotional kids around, cooking and cussin’ but at least it’s a little more on OUR time.

To all the teachers who are also school mums, I double salute you!

If you need me to explain the directions to my desert island just drop me a line 😉

E x

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