I’m planning the ULTIMATE dinner party! Wanna hear about it? 

I’ll tell you….

My guest list includes people and characters I admire. Each of them brings to the table- literally, a quality or trait I admire and they are in their own right a very big part of my life. They’re people I look up to and souls I would dearly love to sit down with and have a conversation as well as listen to. True, some are no longer with us and some are from the silver screen, but it’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to!




I haven’t really thought about the menu but I’m sure it would cater for everyone like they all do these days. No more just pushing something to the side you don’t like. Apparently you have to own your diet like it’s the latest bling accessory now. Type, name, personal reasons for doing so, and then you have to tell EVERYONE about it to see where your alliances may lie. My guests aren’t like that. They cool.

Alas, the menu is not the big issue here, it’s the company. It’s going to be amazing. A treat for all the senses.

Are you excited? I bloody am!

So let me introduce you to the guests.



Dr. Maya Angelou

She was a memoirist, poet and American civil rights activist. Despite not walking amongst us any longer, I would still dearly love to listen to her. I’d cherish time to hear her talk and to quote the quotes I hold close to my heart. 

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

And if I’m having a ‘down day’? I’ll sit and listen to Maya recite ‘Still I Rise‘. Then she’ll give me a big hearty hug and all will be well. 

Maya will arrive at my dinner party on time. But I think perhaps once the wine is flowing and the conversation gets perhaps a little saucy or crass, she might take her leave. Which is fine. I got a hug and some precious moments with this beautiful soul.

I love you Maya. Thank you for making me think and feel. Thank you for shaping my thoughts to believe in the human race when on some days it’s really hard.



Tommy Shelby


The patriarch of the Peaky Blinders in the early 1900s, Birmingham is welcome at my table. He worked his way up from a lowly gypsy birth to become master manipulator, entrepeneur and decorated war hero. Sure, he was pretty ruthless and self destructive but he lived on survival instincts, found loved amongst it all and I reckon he was actually pretty fair.

He stood up for the lower class, mocked those who were untrue to themselves and had a special connection to horses. He’s my people.

He also has those drink-me-up blue eyes. He can sit across from me at the table so I can stare at him, wipe my dribble etc.



Keanu Reeves

He doesn’t need much introduction does he? 

He’s not coming to the dinner party as John Wick or Neo (although that’d be pretty cool), he’s coming as himself. Because that’s how he rolls. He’s been to hell and back in a basket, howbeit, he lives his life simply, with authenticity, integrity, calm and grace. 

I’d like to sit and absorb his energy. I would hope that his nonmaterialistic tranquility would scuff my spirit into something better- something stronger and more resilient. I’d like to call on him when I’m down and for his presence to calm me into a sense of self belief and looking forward to the future. He’ll hug me when I need it. Don’t ask me how I know – I just do.

I look up to Keanu for his ability to be alone, his skill at staying non-Hollywood and his charity.

He can sit up the END of the table to give him PLENTY of room to perform the Matrix backbend one of us undoubtedly will ask him to perform at some point in the evening.



Tom Hardy

An esteemed actor, a gift with words and openly vulnerable. Tom is also coming to the dinner party as himself. 

He normally plays ‘the villain’ or at least characters with darkness inside, so I think it’s both more interesting and veritable for him to arrive as ‘Tom’. Not shy to drop the ‘f-bomb’, I no doubt will not seat him next to Maya Angelou. Although maybe she might find it refreshing?

I admire Tom for his hard working ethics and belief that we are all created equal. I also love the fact he has no filter during conversation. I guess I’m a little jealous. 




Jacinda Ardern

The empathic Prime Minister of New Zealand is getting a babysitter for the night (prolly her hubby) and is deserved of a night out! 

Through the Christchurch earthquakes, a terrorist attack, Covid and being a female leader amongst the diseased pigeons she’s earned a home cooked meal and a glass or two of vino. She’s stands strong, knows her direction, listens to children and isn’t afraid to be kind. The world needs SO many more leaders like her. 

She leads by compassionate example. She reduced her salary during Covid, she openly nurtures her daughter while motivating a country through mourning and grief and she stops talking to listen and comprehend. 

Jacinda is going to sit next to me at the dinner table. This way if neither of us feels like talking, it’s OK and it doesn’t matter. In fact we will probably both have our shoes off under the table. 




Lara Croft

I’m seating Lara next to Tommy Shelby. I think they’d have a few stories to compare between them, and we all want easy flowing conversation at a dinner party don’t we?

I admire Lara for her ability to be both elegant and sophisticated AND kick-ass-don’t-mess-with-me at the same time. 

She’s fit, knows how to shoot guns, lives her own life and has crazy beautiful hair. She’s not afraid of getting hurt and she always ends up winning. 

If I don’t have too many drinks, I might even ask her to take me out the back and teach me how to shoot. You know, in case I ever need to.




Lenny Kravitz

During dinner, guests (well mainly Jacinda and I ) will notice some acoustic guitar being strummed in the corner. 

It’s Lenny. He might be playing ‘Let love rule’ or ‘Just be a woman’. Whatever he decides to play, he will probably be wearing shades and a low cut shirt. He may even wear the purple lycra jumpsuit he wore when I first saw him in concert in the 90s. I’m pretty sure he is the ONLY man who could get away with that. 

As the night progresses and we all get to know each other and feel comfortable I might even get Lenny to crack out ‘Are you gonna go my way’ and I MAY even dance on the table to one of my most favourite songs. But I doubt it.



Cate Blanchett

This Aussie female actor is going to bring a sense of fun and normalcy to the table. 

I think she’s an incredible artist, with the ability to play so many varied roles and at the same time I think she’s completely down to Earth and an Aussie girl through and through. She’s going to remind us all that even though most of our international friends still think Austria and Australia are one and the same, we Aussies can leave our mark on the world stage, keep it and remain true, honest and elegant all at the same time. 

I’ve got a feeling Cate might need a couple of drinks until she really starts to open up and chat. I know how she feels. After that, we’ll be best of mates. 




Leonardo Di Caprio

He’s the same age as me. He is talented. He’s passionate about the environment. He gets better with age. He’s a deep thinker and he’s trying to make a difference in the world because he genuinely cares. 

I wanna sit and listen to Leo. I want to hear his opinions, his reasons and his beliefs. I want to call on him to have a deep and meaningful chat about the meaning of life and where we all fit in. What’s our purpose? What are we all here for?

I think he will like the red wine I’ve picked out. 




Jon Snow

Do I really need to say why? 

Jon will actually be sitting in a big chair in the corner of the room. He will not relax enough to sit and be merry but I’ll still enjoy his company. I think it’s the pout and the hair to be honest. But also his sense of loyalty, love for family and honour. He also doesn’t give a rat’s if he becomes supreme ruler. 

His direwolf Ghost will be sitting at my feet- because I attract the animals. 

The dinner party will be in the winter, with a big fire roaring. So I’ll be interested to hear what Jon will say if he can’t say ‘Winter is coming’. 


So there you have it. 8 of us at the table. Two ‘happily’ on the outer. One direwolf under my bare feet. The ULTIMATE conversation ranging from world issues to Aussie humour (and possibly a skulling competition) to dirty jokes from Tom Hardy. We’ll listen to poetry, discuss our long standing values, lend an ear to unexplored opinions without judgement and we will listen to the music. 

We WON’T just talk about the weather ( well maybe just Jon), the latest TikTok, what brand car your neighbour bought, what score your kid got compared to the rest of the cohort, who knows who, how much you earn compared to Scotty down the road or what was discussed at the last gathering and why you didn’t get the memo because really, you’re entitled to know. 

The conversation will ebb and flow as it needs to. There will be laughter, deep thought, processing, natural and intentional listening, maybe tears, lamenting and longing, no judgement, patience, vulnerability, friendship and love.

After dinner, when we move in to the lounge room, I’ve invited some more guests- to have a night cap with us. 

Our tummies are full and our minds are racing with new thought, vision and hope. 

It’s time to really relax. 



Enter Hamish and Andy!!

With such quick and smart wit and a such a sense of fun and matter of fact humour, these boys will have us in stitches. 

I think it better they come a little later, when we have all the serious stuff out the way and they won’t feel bad about making fun of politically incorrect issues and maybe what I’m wearing or the direwolf who thinks he’s a dog.

Hamish will hold the floor and Andy will follow his lead. 

It’s how they work.

They will probably both demonstrate the Matrix backbend as well as joining Lenny in the musical corner- no doubt with an accordion or banjo. 

In the end it will be a special night and I’ll have new thoughts, vision and direction in the world. I may learn more about my purpose and the reason for being here now. 

We will attempt to answer the bigger questions. I will learn and I will listen. 

How do we save the planet?

What can we do to decrease suffering and increase love and understanding ?

At the end of life, what is the most important?

How do we stay true and strong but encourage empathy and vulnerability?

How do we conquer our fears and lead a nation or realm when there is coronavirus and Whyte walkers ? 

How does Hamish manage to make a potato seem funny?



*On a side note, Donald Trump will be in the kitchen washing dishes.


Who would you invite to YOUR dinner party?

E x




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