As a personal trainer, wife and mum I am forever thinking about the needs and wants of everyone around me. Am I providing a great training session, tailored to that particular client? Am I looking after my family, hiding the green bits in the cooking well enough and helping with homework while listening to hubby to talk about the latest trends in the stock market…..? I’m always providing challenges, suggestions and well researched advice on how people in my life can improve their health and fitness. How they can feel better, lift heavier and live longer. I believe they deserve it. Everyone does. We all warrant personal attention and now it’s MY turn!

I know I’m quite fit and I know I generally look after my body. It’s part of my job and I am passionate about practising what I preach. But now it’s time for my OWN PERSONAL CHALLENGE !. Rather than limiting my challenges, I am going to CHALLENGE MY LIMITS. I am going to RECOMPOSE MY BODY.

Yes, yes, I can hear you all now.
“But you’re not overweight!”
“You’ve got no fat to lose!”
“You’re small enough. You should be happy how you are!”

Here’s the deal.
Yes. Yes I AM fairly happy with how I look and feel now (many days anyway!). Yes I am small. I work hard for it.
But I want to see just how strong I can be. I crave to push my mind and body more than I have ever pushed it before.
I want to recompose what’s inside this stretch-marked, sun-spotted skin even more than I have over the last year.
In my previous blogs I wrote about a recent DEXA body scan I had done.  It was a great result and has motivated me to strive for my very own greatness!
Over the next 10 weeks I am a walking, talking fitness experiment. I’m going to be burpee-ridden, lactate-laden and recipe-recitin’. My body is a temple and I will treat it accordingly.
It will be a tough journey full of ups, downs and in-betweens. I’ll be a walking ball of emotions- happy, cranky, worried, proud. Pretty much a normal mum!

THE PLAN (is to be kept simple. I don’t count calories.)

~nutritionally-balanced-portion-controlled meals made from REAL food. I eat meat and I don’t ‘diet’.
~water, water, water.
~two PT sessions per week.
~regular, high intensity, bloody hard training even when I don’t feel like it or Game of Thrones starts again….
~training will involve a mixture of strength, cardio, stretching, running a family and still trying to carry ALL the grocery bags from the car in one go.
~good quality sleep (even when Game of Thrones starts again).
~listen to my body and give it rest when necessary.

MY LIMITATIONS/ EXCUSES (if I let them creep in…)

~too tired
~too busy
~too cold/ hot/ windy/ snowing…oh….um….whatever
~sore shoulder (bursitis), sore neck (stress in my life, bursitis)
~sick children, sick husband, dog going to vet.
~school function
~parent teacher interviews….oh bugga….we’ve just had them!
~important function (I wish)


~my husband and family
~I’m a Capricorn.
~I believe I can do it.
~I’m focussed.
~I have PLENTY of activewear.
~I’m surrounded by some amazing people.


~Jed my husband (who doesn’t watch Game of Thrones). He’s always my biggest fan and a rock of support. He’s going to buy me something fancy in 10 weeks. Ha! Surprise!

~Raf my personal trainer. Experienced in martial arts, cross training and science based fitness training. He pushes me hard and he smiles and laughs when he thinks I might puke. I thank him for this (WHAT the?)
~Karen my massage therapist. She gets great pleasure in kneading out the knots in my muscles with her hyper-extensive thumbs, elbows and dirty jokes.
~Drew my physiotherapist. HE loves sticking dry needles in my inflamed shoulder. He’s a fountain of knowledge and puts his hands on his hips if I play tennis when I shouldn’t have…He also looks after my pancreas. That kind of thing….
~Ruby, Grace, Pearl, Benji- my children. They will get their own school lunches, keep their rooms clean and love each other. Yep. Dreaming.

~All my friends. They will understand when I say ‘no’ to alcohol, just a little bit of cake or buying the next size up. They WON’T throw Tim Tams at me if I am cranky and they will slap me when I’m feeling weak.

~Archie the border collie. He doesn’t care WHAT I’m doing. He’s just always there.

THE OATH (OK- It’s the Hypocratic Oath- I just tweaked a few things…)

Over the next 10 weeks I do solemnly swear:

~I will fulfill, to the best of my ability and judgment, this journey.
~I will respect the advice of my support team, and gladly share such knowledge as is mine with those who are to follow.
~I will apply, for the benefit of my recomposed body, all measures [that] are required, avoiding those bros at the gym, those glossy fitness magazines and those plastic jars of whey and floor scrapings.
~I will look to discipline rather than motivation to keep me on track. Motivation can be a fair weather friend but discipline is a super power I can control.
~I will remember that there is form and technique to exercises as well as science, and that swearing, gasping and moaning at my trainer, will NOT outweigh his instructions and my ability to follow them.
~I will not be ashamed to say “I’m struggling today,” nor will I fail to call in my support crew when ‘it sucks’ and I need them for my sanity (so as to keep them safe from me).
~I will respect the lack of privacy of my social media, for my problems can be shared so that the world may know. Most especially must I tread with care in matters of balanced nutrition AND exercise. If it is given me to entertain at home, all thanks. But it may also be within my power to say ‘no thank you’ to alcohol; this awesome responsibility must be faced with great humbleness and awareness of my own frailty by those around me. Above all, I must not play at taking short cuts, believing things on TV nor spending every day ALL day in activewear.”
E x

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