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“GRIT” is such a fashionable word these days isn’t it?

We’re bombarded with advice from obviously well meaning adults, some with a well known name, others not- to instil grit and resilience into our little cherubs- NOW.

Do it now or your kid will live a miserable life of unfulfilled potential, full of broken dreams and no friends. After all. Who’d wanna be friends with someone who doesn’t make noise when they don’t get their way right? 
Who’d wanna befriend those who perhaps sit back and observe the surroundings, the energy and the consequences before becoming a loud arse, suck up, try hard, busy body?
And no, I’m not saying every kid who stands up for themselves in a display of ‘grit’ is a little terror, I’m merely shining a light on a common show I’ve seen as a school mum. 

NOW. Let’s push, push, push them so far out of their comfort zones there’s no gravity to pull them back to Earth and the ones they love. The ones who are there no matter what, how hard or how unknown the situation.

That’s ME by the way. MUM. And I’m actually sick and bloody tired of being told that the sooner my kids become resilient and prized displays of GRIT the sooner they will succeed. What’s the damn rush??
I believe they will get there when they need to and when it is right for THEM. I believe that if I – as a parent, can support their emotional needs, their ever developing personalities and value systems then they will learn how, when and even WHETHER they need grit in various and or challenging situations. 

I would like our focus to change from GRIT to GUMPTION.


And HERE  is the example which prompted this blog post from me. 
One of my 15 year old triplets caught the school bus home yesterday. 
She’s slightly anaemic and ended up having a blood nose. It’s nothing that phases her any more and she normally doesn’t even tell anyone but simply deals with the situation of her own esteem. 
Alas, yesterday she didn’t have any tissues or the usual dunny paper to sponge up the blood from her nose and face. Her mumma is way far from being the Martha Stewart type and isn’t too adept at washing blood or any other stain out of clothing. Maybe she lacks GRIT? So my girl was fairly concerned at keeping her uniform clean. 
She didn’t need GRIT, she needed a tissue and fast. 
And this is where the GUMPTION comes in. The ingenuity and thinking left of centre got her through. 
As her nose really began to drip blood, she reached in to her pocket for a tampon!! And YES my friends, she stuck it up her nose. 
No qualms. 
No hesitation. 
No embarrassment.
She owned that tampon, that bloody nose and that clean uniform like no one puts baby in the corner!
And I’m proud. 
I’m proud of her for checking in to ingenuity, unashamedness and unequivocal confidence- to sit on the school bus with a tampon up her nose. I think that’s just GOLD.
It’s also hilarious and when I asked her if it’s ok I write this post, she said “Meh, I don’t care. And my sisters told the whole school anyway.”
So when your kids are in a tough situation, maybe unknown and uncomfortable? 
Pray they have GUMPTION and a tampon. GRIT will come….
E x
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