A simple blog post this time. Thought I’d share a few things you might not know about me…..!

I hate mushrooms. The texture, the taste, UGH, even the SMMMMELL! I once sat in a staff lunch room and had to move away from someone eating mushrooms next to me. I know- they’re SO good for you and I SHOULD like them but- no.

I think I am the only person in the world who actually likes the smell of Glen 20. I KNOW right?! Call me fruit loop and paint me with colour additives, but I really do think it makes a room feel fresh and clean. Truth be told, it must be super strong to hide the tobacco smells of a cheap hotel room….’Original’ scent all the way.

I will judge you. If you yawn without putting your hand over your mouth to hide the ugliness from the world, or if you make a verbal, non descriptive noise WHILE you yawn, I will hold it against you. NO ONE looks attractive when they yawn and YOU are no exception.

I have a vice. It’s chocolate. Preferably Lindt cookies and cream or white, or milk, or hazelnut. If not Lindt, I’ll do a family bar of Cadbury fruit and nut, almond or peppermint. Top deck or Oreo is quite acceptable and Kit Kat is right up there too. Desperate times call for choc chips I might have in the cupboard to cook with and even ‘desperater’ times can lead me to chocolate melts….and you know dog ‘chocolates’ are just carob right? There’s generally no limit to how much I can wolf down and there is no limit to half arsed, lame excuses I can give myself for allowance. I accept that I have no control.

I used to be very religious. Growing up, I would attend Sunday church with Dad. I got baptised and confirmed and I had a little white prayer book. I believed in Heaven, Jesus turning water into wine and the Red Sea parting just like Charlton Heston did it in The Ten Commandments. No longer. Life, belief in the ‘black and whiteness’ of science and a love for characters like John Wick has shown me otherwise. We use religion to give us hope but really who knows if there’s anything ‘out there’ or not? Let alone a man born of a virgin, who performed miracles, but died, came back again and died again.

I have xarantaphobia. Millipedes!!! I’d rather see a brown snake or a White Walker than a millipede. Yes, I know they make a cracking sound when you step on them. This doesn’t make them likeable.

I also have a phobia of name droppers- whatever that’s called. People who thrive on mentioning association to someone famous or allegedly prestigious just to make themselves look half decent give me the absolute shits! Big time! I don’t care if someone grew up with millions of dollars, has billions of followers or runs a hugely profitable business – I just want to know if they’re a kind person. Do they possess gratitude and integrity in their heart and common sense and respect for all in their mind?

I like animals more than humans. Except millipedes. Unconditional love and attention. I get them and they get me.

I judge my success by how organised I feel. If I have all my ducks (or triplets plus one) in a row, my client programming done for the week, have the house tidy and the car clean (or at least void of hairbrushes, dog fur and horse tack)- I’m killin’ it!

I want another tattoo. Without hesitation I LOVE LOVE the one I have. I just don’t know what to get next. It won’t be a dolphin and it won’t be a rose. It’ll have meaning and a lesson encompassed in something that looks cool too. (Dad if you read this- ‘no’ it is NOT black texta on my arm.)

I have many pet peeves. Like- a LOT. Currently my biggest gripe is the stigma associated with mental illness. Sure- it’s fine and totally accepted to take medication as a diabetic, to aid the pancreas. But to take medication as a sufferer of anxiety or depression, to aid the brain, is totally misread. People get ‘judgy’ and tell you to ‘be grateful for all you have’ and ‘just snap out of it’. Those judgy people suck.

I love the smell of freshly cut grass even more than Glen 20. Along with the smell of petrol (don’t read into this), horse feed, Jo Mallone English Pear perfume, Pine O’Clean, hot chips, tea tree oil, summer and hospitals.

I love candles. The soft light just ‘brings me down’. They’re simple and gorgeous.

I love action movies the most. Lara Croft, The Mechanic, American Assassin, the Bourne series and the Italian Job are all my faves. The violence doesn’t upset me but if you mistreat a pet I’ll kill you.

I’m an excellent friend to have- when you take the time to know me.

I need to sit, in a restaurant or cafe, where I can see people coming and going.

If tiramisu is on the menu, I work ‘backwards’ from there…..

So there you have it. Make of this information what you will. If ever I make it ‘to the top’ and there’s a quiz night? Here are your answers……

E x

What’s ‘quirky’ about you?

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