The first week of my challenge has flourished- thanks for asking! Endeavouring to recompose this body of mine, amongst school holidays, renovating a bathroom and dealing with the fact that the hot weather is gone, I reckon I’m up to par. Of course, even within one week there have been ups and downs in regards to my self-set programme….

THE BAD STUFF (people always seem to want the bad news first…)

1-Summer is gone.

Summer is gone.

Those who know me know that I am always cold.
Being a ‘morning person’ I HAVE to get up early at 5am to train clients, or myself, get up to date with emails, reading research etc. and programming. This is SO much harder when it’s cold, dark and raining. I had a couple of days this week where I nearly ‘didn’t make it’. The excuses crept in. “It’s school holidays, I should stay in bed and ‘rest’ while I have the chance.”, “I worked out yesterday. I should have a rest day.”, “I’ll do it tomorrow/ later/ tonight (yeah right!)”.
2-No scraps.
Food prepping needs to be a constant mindset.
When you have four children (plus the extra friends) to feed, you’re pretty busy. While they’re all at the table eating and talking about their latest vid, it’s VERY tempting to grab their left overs and stuff them in your mouth ‘to keep going’. And let me assure you- they’re NOT eating chickpea and broccoli fritters for a quick lunch like I intend to. So this week? One very happy dog in the house!
3-Self doubt
Call me a pessimist or a realist, but I’m already self-doubting.
Can I do this for another 9 weeks? I’ve put myself ‘out there’ to both the real world and the cyber world promising results. Can I follow through? Can I succeed? I hope I don’t disappoint…..

THE GOOD STUFF (always TRYING to be optimistic)

1-I’ve increased the training.
Keeps me warm right? I’ve concentrated on HIGH INTENSITY training to get the heart rate high, burn the calories and push my normal limits.
After I’d talked myself into getting up and in to the cold, dark morning I did some sprints along the river. For those who know me, I hate running. There. I said it! I’d much rather spar, row or burpee so for me to get up and CHOOSE to run- well it’s a big thing.
I’ve seen my trainer and as usual- he smashed me. For an hour this time.
I’ve done a self-inflicted rowing and burpee challenge and included my husband. The children cheered us on. I think my husband still loves me too…..
2-I’ve cooked every meal.
It’s a job in itself to plan, shop for and prepare nutritionally balanced meals. I’ve done it though using ‘The Happy Cookbook’ by Australian Nutritionist Lola Berry
All in all, the meals really have been delicious and I haven’t cheated with a quick takeaway meal or toasted sandwich.

Cauliflower fried rice with rainbow veggies.

3-I’m focussed.
At this point, as you’d hope in the first week, I’m still focussed on reaching my goal. It’s very hard to put ‘ME’ in the forefront but so far, so good.

THE FUTURE STUFF (improvements)

1-‘Winter is comin’ but I WILL NOT let it keep me in bed. NOW is the time to start training for Summer- something many of us don’t realise. Rather than panicking in October that we don’t have a ‘beach body’ (whatever that means to you), continue training NOW.
2-I will concentrate on food preparation-even when school goes back and my time disintegrates into homework, sports practices, training clients, writing and taking up all those extra jobs we do as parents.
3-I will stretch more! While I’ve increased my training, I haven’t taken the time to stretch in between…I haven’t listened to my body enough.


YOU ARE WATCHING! I hope I can inspire someone….
E x

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