I’m back! Apologies for the large hiatus in blogs over the past months.

Actually- no, I don’t apologise. I had too much on my plate, and something had to give. So, I stopped writing for a while to let my head clear (as far as MY grey matter CAN).

We all get to that point don’t we? Where SOMETHING has to stop to allow you to move forward with life. You need to let go of something or even someONE to create space to grow. We go and we go and we help and we fix until it all comes crashing down.

For me, the last year has been one of much growth. I’ve developed a higher understanding of being an HSP (highly sensitive person). You can look that one up if you need. Many other people explain the trait better than I .

Read this to understand https://highlysensitiverefuge.com/?s=what+is+a+highly+sensitive+person

I’ve made great progress with my new horse Desi. He’s a 16yo ex-race horse who’s getting a second chance with me. He’s taught me so much, as animals do, and we are now connecting really well. He licks my boots when I’m on him and I give him carrots- that sort of thing.

My sporty children are about to return to school after summer holidays filled with surfing (me trying to avoid sand), hanging with their posse (me trying to avoid being seen near them) and a Star Wars marathon (me trying to avoid just how much I love Chewbacca).

I’ve rid my world of toxic people as much as I can. Life’s too short to let others drain your energy and give nothing in return. It’s a hard and sad process but jeez it feels good once you’ve recovered and got over the guilt. Highly recommend .

My personal training work is still roaring along and although many clients take time off over Christmas and summer, most are back to disliking me now, but progressing towards rocking a hot body and feeling good inside.

When I say ‘work’ it really just feels like catching up with friends and getting them to do stuff I know their body needs, listening to what’s going on in their world and them leaving just a little pissed that they had to do all that. It’s a bit like the feeling of cleaning up the kitchen and then someone leaves a dirty bowl IN THE SINK.

I had a huge break from social media. Cold turkey for about four months. It was restorative and reassuring. Restorative for mind and soul and creates an avenue to really get in touch with one’s true self again, in an imperfect and real world. Reassuring in that I know I CAN live without social media and survive. It felt like a holiday. It gave me time.

Obviously I am back on to the tech again but I’m hoping in a different capacity. I’m trying to put a little more of myself out there so others can gain something, anything, to make their day better.

I’m less about fashion, buying more ‘stuff’ and comparing my life to others and more about feeling, being more vulnerable (which is bloody scary) and learning to live with gratitude and a sense of presence. Fingers crossed I survive!

Social media- at the moment- is providing me with connection to some awesome human beings (and pictures of animals). All over the world, I can ‘chat’ to people willing to openly offer advice and friendship. Thank you.

So what now?

Back to blogging.

As an HSP, I have so much going on in my head and surroundings. SO much. I don’t sleep well and often lay awake with all this warble going around in my mind. So as an outlet, I’m going to blog again.

Think of it as a ‘brain dump’ for your reading pleasure. Whatever flops out on to the screen is yours. If you get something out of it- fantastic news. I’d love to hear your thoughts. If you don’t get anything out of it, bad luck. You can piss off on your merry little way.

Some of my blogs will be well thought out, researched and eloquent. Others may be subject to many queries over my intelligence and sanity levels. It may depend on when I’m writing and the phase of the moon etc….but who knew I am not perfect ?! If you read a crappy blog, rest assured the next one might improve.

I DO have some great stories lined up for you this year. Some awesome people whose stories will inspire you to live for the day, appreciate all you have and enrich your life with knowledge and love. I can’t WAIT to get going.

So sit back, rock the present moment and enjoy the coming blogs.

E x

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