Part 3

Digital addict, love a playsuit with bling, not a green thumb.

Hello my name is Eliza and I’m still a bit of a digital addict.

It’s been four weeks now and I haven’t been on Facebook or Instagram (only to post my blogs). I’ve been to no meetings and I don’t have a sponsor to sit beside me.

My last post was kinda angry. Sorry about that. I was unimpressed with myself and who the digital world had let me become. I thrived on numbers and being noticed. My happiness was affected by who was ‘looking’ and what they said about me. The perfect me. The me I let the digital world see.

I’m getting better now. In fact, I am doing really well !

Taking a step back, or rather, going cold turkey has allowed me to reflect and revise.

I’ve reflected on how much time I spent on Facebook and Insta and the particular moments I reached out to them to feel good in the moment and I’ve revised how I would return to them- IF I do. The jury is still out on that decision.

There ARE aspects of social media I appreciate and acknowledge as positive influences.

Belonging to a group of similar people and forming a like minded community can be a reassuring facet of the socials. We all want to belong somewhere.

I’d recently found a group of Highly Sensitive People such as myself and felt like I’d found a ‘tribe’. This is one thing I miss. It’s not like I can walk up to someone and say ‘Hey, I’m an HSP, are you?’. Digitally, it felt safe and doable.

To share special photos of family, friends and dogs was enjoyable to me. I like sharing but I realise that the fifty seventh snap of Archie the border collie smiling at the camera could get tiresome for most. Truth be told, I LOVE photos and Insta is primed for just that. Sometimes it’s nice to scroll through photos. It’s mindless. No need to concentrate and no need for reason. It can be relaxing.

As a personal trainer, I love continually learning about the fitness industry (as utterly frustrating as it can be). I strive to keep up with the newest research, trends and statistics.

One great way to do this, on a somewhat personal level, is through social media. I kept in contact with many trainers all over the world. We’d encourage each other, bounce ideas around and chew the fat so to speak. Pretty cool. Yet another ‘tribe’!

So, for education, encouragement and accountability, I like social media.

From a business standpoint social media can be a great aid too. Facebook is an easy way to offer free advice, funny memes and community to those I train or those who want to learn a little more about The Studio Trainer. But there is a website available 😉

I have some simply gorgeous friends in my life and I do like to see what they are up to from time to time…..another little hit of positivity. And to be able to lend an empathic ear or words of encouragement is easy to do on the old FB! Mind you, nothing beats a coffee-face-to-face-chat too!

Thus, I hope you can see that I’m not completely angry about the whole digital detox situation, nor will I ever judge someone for using it to their advantage.

Advantages? Yes.

Enough for me to jump back in? Dunno yet!

For now, my journey will continue…..and I’ll be sure to keep you in the loop!

Which way do YOU think I should go? Jump back in, stay on the fence or head for the hills?

E x

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