Authentic Human Stories

Tabitha’s Story.

Dr. Tabitha Healey- From Oncologist to Palliative Care Doctor and Life Coach. Listen and learn from someone who has seen what really matters. Read More

Rebecca’s Story

Her lifelong dream was to become a professional dancer. Read this inspiring story of someone whose path was changed and who still came out on top. Read More

Hugo’s Story

"Early detection can literally save your life." When most of us leave school and start our journey through life we're invincible. We hit the ground running with fresh interests, career choices, new mates and big dreams. For some, sadly, things don't go according to...

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Jessica’s Story

She's an Olympic, Commonwealth and World Champion of long distance running. She's an active ambassador, runs her own business, has a career in Physiotherapy AND has a gloriously down to Earth aura. What else is there to say really? Don't worry- I found stuff. Here...

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Julian’s story.

"In that cultural context there was a lot of pressure." The pressure he and his brother felt while growing up in Malaysia must have been NOTHING compared to what he feels through his work today. Yes, he did medicine- as was expected. Yes- he brought honour to the...

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Chrissy’s story.

"Know what sparks the light in you. Then use that light to inspire the world." When she was growing up Chrissy wanted to be a teacher. But when she was caring for her little sister in a hospital, she was inspired to be something else. To be a doctor. Here is her...

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Lizzie’s story.

Not Lizzie. Just me....Lizzie wishes to remain anonymous (which is cool). "Just be happy!" They are words lost. Not to the person saying them, in their well-meaning yet ignorant way but to the person they're being said to. The one suffering silently. The one who...

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Amanda’s story.

I admit it. This one took me by surprise. Unexpectedly, this mum of three casually offered her story to me. It's one of challenge, of family and a much appreciated glimpse into the life of such a strong, calm and kind person. Here's Amanda's story. Two of us...

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Lynton's story

I love it when I meet someone who's truly genuine and kind hearted. It's sometimes difficult events of the past that can create the character we become. When his daughter was 8 months old, Lynton's life path changed forever. Here's his story. Pinnaroo is a...

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