Time for Spring Fitness.

Last night I trained a gorgeous bunch of girls. One of those sessions I really look forward to!

Half way through the session, I realised with guilty conscience that I was just standing in front of them saying ‘ready set go’ .

Sometimes I even dumbed it down to ‘and….GO’

My bad.

Smirk? MOI ?





As a trainer, I realise that from clients’ perspective, things are not what they seem. Let me explain.

Prior to your session, I have planned, researched and considered your body, what it can do and what it can’t do (yet). By your third(ish) session with me, I know your abilities and how far I want to subtly (as I do) nudge you along! I’ve considered what you did in your last session. I’ve thought about that goal you have ie. the wedding, the holiday, the fact you want to feel good or the fact you’re enjoying some time doing something for YOU. I’ve even remembered ‘informative/explicit’ texts you’ve sent me after your last session (which I secretly love BTW).


After I’ve thought about these facts, I go on to assess the most relevant and efficient exercises to help you get just a little closer to achieving your goals. I may modify certain movements which could happen DURING the session. I am forever learning and reading and talking to other trainers I admire. ‘Knowledge is power’ as they say. If I am quiet (which is often), it doesn’t mean I’m not thinking and considering what is happening right in front of me.


During the session, while I’m blatantly saying ‘ready, set, go’ and pressing the little button on my stop watch, don’t think I’m not noticing! Yes, I MAY get distracted from time to time- especially if the conversation tangents to childbirth experiences, booze or boobs….yes I said that. We are REAL women after all !


Whilst I am NOT distracted, I’m watching you. Your form. Is it safe? Is it correct? Is it starting to wane?


I’m reading your body language. Not just the scoffs and eyerolls and cussin’, but the muscle function, the joint rotations, the movement patterns. I’m noticing your breathing rate, your posture and your fatigue leading to cheat tells. I’ll cue if I need to and I’ll correct if I need to.


So as you can see, there IS a lot more going on than my childlike demands to ‘ready set go’. I feel much less guilty now so thank you for understanding.


May our sessions ALWAYS be full of learning, improving, goal setting, boob and booze talk and a little cussin’ amongst the laughter….it’s ALL good !

CoachEliza xo

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