” Be happy in the moment, that’s enough. Each moment is all we need, not more.” ~Mother Teresa.

I’m sitting here with a Vienna coffee overlooking Port Lincoln in South Australia as we begin the triplets’ 15th birthday jamboree . With Covid 19 running amok travel plans even around our country have been modified so this time we’re keeping it local. So we’re staying with dear friends. Chris and Kev are the hostess and host with the mostest and most! 

As a hostess Chris ‘goes all out’. And by this I don’t mean that she organises a welcome flyover, a champagne fountain on arrival (although that would make me jump on the spot just a tad) and bed sheets woven by hand out of golden silkworm thread only during the Festival of Dionysus. No, I mean the LITTLE things.

All that pomp and pulava would be wasted on me anyway. Except maybe the champagne fountain. That would be cool.

As a farmer’s wife and nurse, Chris is highly pre-emptive and organised. So from the moment you arrive at their home, you immediately feel like you’re in the lap of the comfort gods. There are lavender sprigs on your pillow, personal and painstakingly decorated gifts on each bed and beautiful, homegrown flowers arranged on your dressing table. Even the loo paper is folded into a V. 

Couple these cherished details with the fact that Chris and Kev are genuinely interested in the latest family news and offer precious time to hear about the childrens’ latest pursuits and passions and you KNOW you’re in for a holiday to remember. 


The older I get, the more I crave simplicity. 

Once, I used to dream of bigger and better things. A wardrobe of famous names, a perfect house in a fancy suburb and a spotlight on my name for being famously popular and well known. I thought success was all of these things and I thought I needed it all to make me happy. 

I’m not sure when or how but this mindset has been thankfully replaced with one of integrity and authenticity. It feels better and it sets the bar for my new ‘success’ in life. Sure, this global pandemic has encouraged the process but I think I started changing long before.

‘Simplicity’ -to me, encompasses moments, feelings and little acts or things which bestow a feeling of calm and contentment. Moments you don’t want to end and feelings you want to hold on to forever. Feelings you want to bottle up and sprinkle on your brekky on a bad day.

It might be an unexpected hug from your child, a heartfelt ‘thank you’ from a stranger or a puppy’s snore while it’s asleep on your lap. It could be a baby smiling for the first time, candles at the dinner table or someone letting you know you are in their thoughts. It’s a small act of kindness, acceptance, gentleness and quiet. It’s focus on the present and acceptance of ‘right here right now’. Hell, it’s a belly aching laughing fit about a silly little something or listening to one of your triplets hiccups rattling the windows! 

It is an understood nod (raise) between mother and son, meaning ‘how are you/ are you ok/ yeah I’m fine, whassup?’ or a round of applause for a TikTok performance (Oh My GOD) you thought was ridiculous. It’s the unconditional love from a pet and nature speaking to you during a hike. It’s a friend understanding you and lifting you up or a letter from your kid thanking you for being a great mum. It’s a client who brings you a gift or a mentally ill patient who appreciates your time amongst their struggles. I truly believe these little moments are treasures. I hang on to them more than I ever used to. 

Simplicity is NOT trying to earn more to buy more to worry about more and it’s not about holding onto past grudges and mistakes (I know -coming from ME right ?! I’m a work in progress) and a simple life does not include HANGING ON to regret and self disapproval or anger or selfishness. Of course not every day is full of joy and magic and some days downright suck big time but I guess the key is to breathe through and welcome what happens. Roll with the punches and feelings- whatever they may be and accept them for what they are. They will pass. 

I’m not saying I’m completely there, living this simplistic life of time stopping unicorns and calorie free cookies and cream Lindt chocolate but I’m certainly working on it. Trying to rid my days, hours and minutes of toxicity and negative self talk. I’m practising presence of thought and gratitude for what and who I have in my life. They mean my world .

Thank you. 

So while I lap up this stay with our dear friends with my (now third Vienna, lucky I can still type really), sprigs of lavender on the pillow, bowl of lollies next to the fresh flowers, completely comfortable conversation, sparkling red on tap (who needs a champagne fountain right?), and time to look over the gorgeous place that is Port Lincoln, I’d like to know about YOUR treasures. What do YOU cherish?

E x




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