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Dear children,

As a mum who is still learning and discovering who she is, I’m writing to you with advice on how to decide what to do with your career choices. It is my wish for you to soften and let your passions guide you. 


What is it you LOVE to do? What do you love learning about? 

These answers don’t need to be singular or ever lasting but simply what makes you happy, excited and determined.

You are growing up in a society full of ‘what do you want to do when you leave school?’ and ‘which course will you do at Uni?’ and I want you to stop listening! I want you to stop listening to everyone else and accepting the pressure of making the decision right now. There will ALWAYS be a path for you- whether traversed before or one you carve out for yourself.

Where giftedness and academia are boundlessly recognised and awarded, I wish for you to let go of notions that these things count the most. Especially now. When you have the chance to make something uniquely powerful and meaningful- and distinctly ‘YOU’. Be yourself. THAT is your gift. 

“Forget competing against everyone else for they are not you.”

Life is not a competition or trend but a journey to be endured, enjoyed and cherished each and every day.

Ignore the trends and opinions, the salary packages, the status and PLEASE, PLEASE don’t choose something you think will suit your parents’ wishes. This is YOUR life. This is YOUR time to shine with not a career but a ‘calling’. Make it count.

‘Giftedness’ should mean many things and EACH of you have your OWN mix of gifts to share with the world. Kindness, creativity, empathy, sensitivity, persistence, love and compassion are qualities to celebrate and spread to those who need them most. Nurture them and let them grow. Be proud of these gifts. No certificate necessary and participation will always be rewarded in its own way. Be patient, slow down and you will see!

“This decision is not a puzzle to be solved. “

It doesn’t need to have an answer right now. You don’t need to choose ONE thing.

My advice to you is to keep doing the things you love. The things that inspire you and lift you up to try harder and persist. The things you want to talk about.

Keep doing the things that you’re prepared to make sacrifices for and endure the hard times for. WHATEVER your mix of passions is- keep it! LISTEN to them and let them guide you along like they belong to you. They know where to take you. Not your teachers, your friends, your parents or your peers. Let your passions combine to create a job and life befitting YOU.

“LISTEN to what is emerging in your life.”

What is it saying? What do you imagine?  

If you don’t know the answer right now IT’S OK!! The answer will find you- I PROMISE!

Know that as your mum I will love and support you no matter what. That’s what mums are for.

Mum x

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