AMISTAT- a word of Catalan origin meaning ‘friendship’. Also AM I STAT. Am I here right now? Am I in the present moment?

A few years ago I was on my annual shopping trip with mum in Melbourne.

We were walking through the Victorian Markets, which are akin to an Antarctic wind tunnel in which you can buy possessions you don’t normally need such as ten dollar watches and wooden massage implements.

As I wandered the aisles with the circulation cutting off in my fingers from all the bags I carried, I found peace. Or rather I heard it….

It was distant but it was certainly there and its presence drew me in while mum continued picking watches out of their styrofoam containment.

I came across the boys from AMISTAT- a music duo whose sound made me feel like cuddling up on a lounge with my favourite cardigan I’d had forever, a red wine and a long time friend.

Jan and Josef are twin brothers of Czech decent who were born in Germany, raised in Italy and spent 8 years in Melbourne (not just at the markets) having backpacked through our awesome country. And their interesting, world wide history and travels are perhaps, what gives them the sound and mesmerising reaction they have today.

At the time, they were playing from their first album Parley.

Parley gave me comfort in that present moment.

I’m by no means a music critic of ANY sort but it made me feel like everything was OK, life was good.

And that’s certainly enough isn’t it? To feel like we are in a great place in the moment? They were singing like I’d known them for years and they were honest and genuine.

When I asked the boys WHY they do what they do, Josef explained ‘there’s nothing more rewarding in life than sharing your gift, your purpose of being on this planet with people and inspiring them to do the same’.

True to their namesake they wake up each morning with a desire to feel and see where the universe might take them- and they enjoy every second.

Josef said ‘playing and sharing our music and travelling the world seeing new places and meeting new people is something that has chosen us rather than us having chosen it.’

Like all of us, Jan and Josef have moments of uncertainty and doubt. Should they change direction ? Are they doing what is true and right? But their philosophy is to ‘just keep on going’ and ‘get up no matter how often you fail and fall.’ They say this is all ‘part of the process’ and it’s fine to have those thoughts.

Resembling that cuddling up on the lounge with the cardi and red wine, Amistat are fulfilled with comfortable inspiration and purpose.

Creating art is the most important thing to them- to write music to inspire others. With aspirations to try acting one day, for now, Amistat will continue to create the sounds that drew me in one day.

Their advice?

‘Never stop believing in yourself and the vision you have got for yourself. If you are willing to put in the work anything truly is possible. Just because you fail it doesn’t mean that you are a failure. It’s part of the process and the only way to get better.’

Wise words Josef! You are obviously the wiser brother with five minutes ahead of Jan in this wonderful world!

I wish you both all the very best and I thank you for your time.

In our current crazy world, you can find Amistat online until the Carona virus has had its run and the planet has refreshed herself! What better music for chilling on the lounge?!

Be sure to follow them on Insta ‘amistatmusic’!

E x

PS- After you’ve listened to the music, let me know what you think! Bring out your inner music critic.

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