I thought I had a real problem as a trainer. Had I lost my magic mojo? Had I done the wrong thing? Was I really THAT boring? It happened with nearly EVERY client and I started to get a complex. Was there something amiss with my performance? WHY? WHY was everyone YAWNING during my sessions?!

I used to tell everyone that the reason they were yawning during their personal training sessions with me was that their body was needing more oxygen.

I think I was wrong. My bad. Apologies.
I’ve recently read research which throws my theory out the studio window.
As long as you cover your mouth while yawning in my studio (and anywhere for that manners, I mean ‘matter’), I will no longer think ‘you think my training sucks’.
Here’s the deal.
According to a Physiology and Behavior study, yawning may be your body’s way of cooling down.
Yawning (with your hand over your mouth) increases the amount of blood travelling to your brain. The increase in air also lowers the temperature of that blood.
As you’re heating up during a quick round of burpees, your body tries to combat the extra warmth with a yawn. Think of it as your body’s natural air con. Pretty ‘cool’ huh?
(So far, as I’m writing this, I’ve yawned about five times….you?)
During this recent study, participants did not yawn if they were too cool. Their body is too busy trying to warm up. (More burpees would fix this problem). Participants also did not yawn if they were getting very hot. It seems the yawning mechanism does not provide ENOUGH cooling when the body gets over a certain temperature.
It was also shown that the bigger, compound exercises (where you’re using more than one muscle group) triggered yawning faster than smaller movements. This was because the larger muscles were needing more oxygen to burpee (not sure if this is even a verb) and in turn, the brain needed more oxygen to function.
So all in all- YAY!
I’m not boring you and we can continue to work together.
(yawning again…)

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