‘Twas the day before term’s end and all through the house,

Not a teenager stirring, not even a mouse (thank GOD!)

The house is quite tidy, a sight that is rare.

It really presents as though someone cares.

I’m enjoying a nice and hot cup of tea,

Knowing hell will break loose for school holidays see?

I’m enjoying my last hours of neat and calm,

Before the onslaught of ‘Mum. Mum. MUUUUUUM!!!’.

“I need this, I want that, can you please do my hair?”

“I’m the ONLY one without one, it’s SO UNFAIR!”

My peaceful world begins to knot up,

Teenager’s rooms filling, plates and cups.

Into the dishwasher they go- do ya THINK?

Nah, they’ll just leave them rancid, deep in the sink.

Their rooms start to smell and they sleep -a LOT.

Body clocks crumbling and losing the plot.

Social media is the drug of choice,

And what’s worse now, is that my girls like boys!

My son talks with mates in front of Fortnite.

I throw some food at him, hoping he’ll bite.

To be fair though, balanced- we are.

They all play sports and I live in the car.

Netball, running, soccer and gym.

Not much more we can really fit in.

I’m in the car, out the car, buying the food.

And they wonder why I can ‘get in a mood’!

I try to make time to calm the hell down,

But wherever you go- you ALWAYS get found!

So I kinda give up thinking of me,

And decide for these weeks- just to ‘let it be’.

The weeks go on and I get more grey.

I begin to drink a little more each day.

The house goes to pot and you can’t see the floor,

It starts to smell ‘off’, more and more.

I have to keep working to pay for it all.

So they can go prancing up and down the Mall.

All Insta and Snapchat and music and noise,

Oh why the hell do they have to meet boys?!

My son wears the same clothes for days on end.

With ingrained dirt on his knees- where they bend.

When friends call in, I’m a little ashamed

But then realise we’re all just the same.

We’re doing our best to not go insane,

While the ones with money, head to Europe on planes.

I’m not bitter or judgemental or jealous,

I know money’s not the real key to happiness.

Happiness to me is white or it’s black.

It’s the hot cup of tea when school goes back!!

They get what they get, they can suck it up.

And put away that God Damned cup!!

They niggle each other and begin to bicker,

I start to twitch and my eyes start to flicker.

I take a breathe to calm the hell down

I straighten my clothes and adjust my crown.

For I am a mum of triplets plus one.

With emotions and dramas and of course lots of fun.

But really I shouldn’t bitch and moan.

When I talk to the kids, all I get is a groan,

For one day they will fly away from the nest,

And my heart strings will indeed be put to the test.

So for now I’m learning to enjoy the time.

Knowing at least they are safe and they’re fine.

They’re unique individuals, growing up fast.

And life with them is SUCH a blast!

I get mad and sad and loud and proud.

To feel it ALL I’m really allowed.

For I am ‘Mum’ and I made them ‘be’.

So for now I’m enjoying this last cup of tea.

BRING on the holidays, dirty and loud,

‘Cos of my kids I’ll ALWAYS be proud!

Good luck to all and to all ‘good luck’!

Here they come, here they come, where’s my drink , oh F@ck!!

E x

WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE PART OF SCHOOL HOLIDAYS?? (besides the alcohol intake and the pyjama days?)

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