Welcome to Eliza Louisa

I’m a health hacker- who hears and sees it all but only believes some of it.
I’m a mmmmuumma- trying not to let triplets plus one get in the way of me being ‘me’
And I’m keeping it real.

I help all the (bloody) hard working, authentic people who want to keep life real.
I encourage celebration of strength through challenge.
Reading my blog will help you comprehend your worth, appreciate the precious little things and help you shine as who you are meant to be!

Come with me!

Let’s do the funky skip down the path of celebration.
Let’s value human strength, authenticity and real life.
Let’s be ourselves.
Let’s create precious moments and admire those who REALLY deserve it !

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Authentic Human Stories

Tabitha’s Story.

George Orwell once wrote "In the face of pain, there are no heroes". Laud his thoughts but he had this so wrong! I know a hero who has faced pain...

Rebecca’s Story

Her lifelong dream was to be a professional, contemporary dancer in Europe, travelling the world and living the life that went with it. It's all she...

Hugo’s Story

"Early detection can literally save your life." When most of us leave school and start our journey through life we're invincible. We hit the ground...

Jessica’s Story

She's an Olympic, Commonwealth and World Champion of long distance running. She's an active ambassador, runs her own business, has a career in...

Julian’s story.

"In that cultural context there was a lot of pressure." The pressure he and his brother felt while growing up in Malaysia must have been NOTHING...


New Year, New Leaf

New Year, New Leaf

So here it it. The New Year. It's a time that means something different for everyone. Thankfulness For some, a new year provides an opportunity to look back. It's a time of reminiscence at what the past year gave and in turn being grateful. It might be a new life...

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